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History of bundi – Best Places to Visit in Bundi

Bundi is an entrancing city of Rajasthan which is an important part of its tourism. The city attracts travelers from all over the world and experience and discovers its glory from the Rajput Kings and their lifetime. According to the history of Bundi the city dates back to control of Prithviraj Chauhan which started in 1193 AD. This town is surrounded by a huge wall with four gates at four corners of the city. Bundi is surrounded by Aravalli hills and is also a wonderful destination of Rajasthan, India which is rich in cultural heritage. Bundi is an enchanting tourist destination located in the eastern part of Rajasthan and known for the huge number of step wells and its lavish forts, beautiful palaces and ancient step-wells.

Bundi city is actually a great tourist destination and is home to many historical treasures located under Kota division of the state and is indeed a picturesque small town in Rajasthan, and is one of the unknown cities unlike the popular ones with a rich historical heritage. According to the history of Bundi the city was formerly called as “Bunda-Ka-Nal”.
History of Bundi, Rajasthan India,

Bundi is a city which is home to many ancient Monuments that is counted with striking medieval forts, palaces, Havelis, Lakes, Temples, step wells which are considered as the major attraction of this city that is rooted with the history of Bundi rulers and also the temples which are very famous for their elaborate sculptures and murals. During the past era the surrounding area of Bundi was deceptively occupied by many local tribes, of which the most dominant ones were the Parihar Meenas. IT used to be called as a princely state of Rajasthan and named after a former Meena king called as Madan Shrestha.

Bundi city was under control of the British and there were many Rajput Kings who worked under the British to get back the control of the city but it actually kept on moving from one hand to another. Starting from 1804 when Rao Raja Bishan Singh gave complete help to Colonel Monson while he was on his devastating hideaway before Holkar, while taking revenge for which the Maratha Empire and Pindaris recurrently attacked and demolished his state and forced the kingdom to pay honor the people. And followed by the incident as a result, and according to the history of Bundi Bishan Singh made a secondary association with the British East India Company that actually protected him and he was responsible for the construction of the beautiful palace called Sukh Niwas on the suburbs of Bundi.

Bundi Rajasthan Tour

Bundi Rajasthan Tour

The Rulers of Bundi Rajasthan,

Bundi was basically ruled by the Rao’s and the title was awarded by the Mughals and clan continued to rule the city after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, when British left their rule over the princely states, in different parts of India and they actually failed to decide to make the monarchy whether in India which was newly independent Dominion of India or to Pakistan which was in the same condition as a new Dominant. The ruler of the state of Bundi made consent to stay in India, that became Union of India and it followed by making Bundi as an independent relived from the British and under control of Delhi of independent India.

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